Little St. Simons Island, GeorgiaBy motorized skiff, kayak or canoe, Little St. Simons Island provides ample ways of exploring the island's undisturbed waterways
Boating and Fishing

Boating and Fishing

The ocean waves and tidal waterways that embrace Little St. Simons Island are wonderfully abundant in the recreation they offer and the secrets they reveal.
Explore and enjoy them in our fleet of kayaks, canoes and motorized skiffs. And for anglers (avid and first-timers), there’s always something biting in the surf, creeks or off the dock; and our tackle shack is ready with all the necessary poles, tackle and bait you’ll need.
Our naturalists can tell you about the best spots to fish and our chefs will even cook-up your catch!

Enjoy boating, fishing, kayaking and canoeing among our abundant waterways
“We fished in streams, in a pond and in the ocean, both with a guide
and by ourselves. Who cares if you catch fish when
Little St. Simons Island is so cool.”