Little St. Simons Island, GeorgiaBirds enjoying Little St. Simons Island's undisturbed waterfront
The birding research program on Little St. Simons Island is an important tool in the conservation of important bird species

Birding Research

Little St. Simons Island partners with many state, Federal and non- governmental organizations to conduct valuable research on the bird species on the Island–including many threatened and endangered species. Little St. Simons Island’s birding research partners include:

  • Nature Conservancy
    American Bird Conservancy
    State of Georgia
    US Fish & Wildlife Service
    Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network (WHSRN)
    Georgia Ornithological Society

In conjunction with our partners, our naturalists conduct surveys and collect data on the Island’s permanent and migratory populations. We report rare species sightings, track migration and are involved in special projects with breeding species. For more information, please visit the Naturalist Notebook.

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